SuperGlamFan Brianna and her 2 children ,Juliet and Brooklyn, got Princess A this outfit, bows, and card. I love the tutu obviously! I also love the shirt because it has a dog on it. The card is so cute and sings!!!! But my favorite part are the bows. When I first opened the box I was like great more bows that won’t stay in Princess A’s hair. I tried them anyway and guess what??? They stayed and people didn’t tell me my son is handsome! Thanks Brianna!

Stay Glamorous,



2 responses to “THANKS BRIANNA!

  1. Finding bows for babies is always hard. My daughter could never have anything in her hair either. She has straight thin hair. When they came out with those bows with velcro on them, it kinda worked for her a bit. But yea, good luck and congrats on getting them.

  2. I’m glad you liked everything. Can’t wait to see her in the tutu…

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