For such a glam 1st birthday party for such a glam girl we had to get her favorite foods. I hate cutting cakes at parties so we opted for cupcakes!And not just any cupcakes but Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes that said “Princess A is 1”. Everyone complemented me on the cupcakes and I didn’t have to spend time cutting a cake so it was worth it! If you live near a Sprinkles you should definitely use them for your next party. To see their website click HERE.

Most parties I go to have tons of food for the adults and not as much for the babies and toddlers. I decided to cater to them so to speak. I served teething biscuits, fruit puffs, yogurt puffs, and Baby Mum Mums. I used the silver platters I got for our wedding to glam the food up!This is how princesses are served teething biscuits!And fruit puffs taste even better in silver bowls!For drinks we served fruit boxes and water. We were going to have alcohol for the adults but considering kids eating sugary cupcakes act tipsy someone needed to be responsible. I am glad we said no to the booze because I felt like I was throwing a party for the Rolling Stones and afterwards I felt drunk even though I was not drunk.And of course we had to have Princess A’s favorite food… Bananas. They also reminded us of her godfathers which was good because they were unable to make it.

We had a blast and many of the adults commented on how yummy baby food was! I just love the way baby food looks on fancy platters… too bad I can’t do it again for her party next year!

Stay Glamorous,



14 responses to “GLAM FOOD

  1. See, who needs party favors when you’re served something as awesome as Sprinkles cupcakes? They’re beautiful, the entire entire spread is great. And I am LOVING your matching dresses below too.

  2. all these cakes seem very delicious.
    They are very well presented

  3. Looks like a super cute party! am planning a train party for Josh’s 2nd bday which is next month.We are doing cupcakes too so much easier.

  4. I am loving the pictures from the party! The dresses were beautiful! I have never served alcohol at a kids party. I just don’t see the point. I always have juice and water, then I will get a couple of bottles of pop for any adults if they want some, but no alcohol.
    I love the cupcakes. For my daughter’s birthday she had to have a Monkey cake, but it couldn’t be a “monkey” cake it had to be a 100 Monkeys cake. I made her cake and yes put a picture of the band on the cake. She thought it was the best thing ever (I didn’t mind it either LOL).

  5. This sounds like the best party EVER.
    Great ideas for the food, and I might have to remember it for myself, since i’ve got tons of kids birthdays at work.

    Next year you should make Unicorn poop cookies! 😉

  6. Those cupcakes looked yummy. I am glad you decided to cater to the kids. That’s always the best plans anyways. I am sure she had a ton of fun.

  7. great idea! you are so right, most people don’t take the time to consider the babies and toddlers at a toddler’s birthday party. I specially love the cupcakes, I’m crazy for them! since I was spendig so much on my little cupcake addiction I finallyd ecided to try my hand at baking and now every time one of my friends has a birthday coming up, I have to bake them birthday cupcakes! so I guess I’m not that bad at the whole baking thing lol.

  8. The baby treats were an cute idea, I had never thought of doing that. I also use cupcakes for my kids bdays. It’s easier and you can keep tabs on kids without using sharp utensils, which helps. Too bad the guys couldn’t make it, but they were represented a little so that helps. Good job with her birthday!!

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