On Princess A’s birthday we were so excited to go in and sing Happy Birthday to her when she woke up! It was the first time in her life that I woke up before she did! Princess A was a bit confused by the whole charade.Then she realized it was her birthday and that she had to wave to all her adoring fans! Princess A looks like she is on a float in this picture!“OK, Mom and Dad I get it… it’s my birthday! Now, stop singing and get me some cake!”

Good Night Moon PJs- (Gift from Grandma L) Books to Bed

Stay Glamorous,


P.S. I tried to only blog about Princess A’s outfit on the weekends and then for the rest of the day post fan pictures. This proved to be just as time-consuming as writing. I love everything you send me in the mail and email and it will get posted. It’s just I have been falling asleep at the laptop lately and I am taking The Husband Aaron’s orders and blogging minimally on the weekend to give myself a break. I Love you all!!!!!



  1. I love your blogs about princess A,

    the outfits and the fun things, I can’t wait till she starts walking and you blog about that, and all her (and your) new adventures that will come with it.

  2. Everybody needs time off dear. Rest, relax and have some fun with Princess A, Freckles and the husband. We will all be here on Monday!

  3. Her crib is almost as cute as she is!

  4. awww she looks so adorable, I love that pic where she is waving! hope you’re having a peaceful, relaxing (as much as it can be with a toddler and a spaniel around!) weekend.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww she looks so happy, good thing that she has such an awesome mom and dad around!!!! Keep on being glam darling.

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