Of course freckles got Princess A a birthday gift! If you can’t tell by his face he was very excited to give it to her!He got her a big girl bead maze because he knows that is her favorite toy! Also, he loves to chew on the wooden apples which is why we are already missing 2!

Stay Glamorous,



9 responses to “FROM: FRECKLES TO: AMELIA

  1. Amazing gift!
    I’m quite jealous of that bead maz, and want one too!

    Can I trade it for my green yo yo?

  2. I so want one. I loved those kinds of toys. My kids were always like mom move away from the toy I wanna play. KIDS!!!!

  3. that was very thoughtful of Freckles! I thought maybe he would get her a bone or something so she would leave his alone LOL!
    My kids had a bead maze and it was their favourite toy. Who knew something so simple could bring them so many hours of entertainment?

  4. It’s very thoughtful of Freckles!! He seems very happy to offer it.
    It’s a great toy, I love it. 😉

  5. I loved bead mazes when I was younger. They had one at the dentist office,it made going to the dentist suck a little bit less.

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