I think I should rename this blog to PoopPeePuke and Ben’s going to kill me for posting so many embarrassing pictures of him. Here is his headshot of when he was a model. Enjoy!

Stay Glamorous,



17 responses to “BEN GRAUPNER’S HEAD SHOT!

  1. This is a very good picture of him! It’s one of my favorites. He’ll live about so many pictures. You should google his name, thousands come up!

  2. Thank you for just killing me. Tho I’ve seen this picture before. I like to see it many times more.

    He’s a great subject to practice my Photoshop skills on, coz he’s so Purdy.

    And not only Benicorn manips.

    And no worries, I bet David posted even mire embarrassing pictures 😉

  3. His is soooo much better than mine XD I’m jelly, lol.

  4. ♥ =)

  5. I knew he was my favorite monkey for some reason. If I had a blog like this I would so have to post fun picks of my friend and family members.

  6. Tell Ben I said he is beautiful. Inside and out.

  7. I like Ben Graupner, he’s funny and very nice. I hope one day to see him again in Lille.

  8. I like this pic. He is beautilful

  9. I found this pic online years ago and when we went to TwiCon in Dallas it was the one I had him sign. I didn’t realize it was one he’d rather keep buried 🙂

  10. I don’t see why he’d want to hide this, it’s a very nice pic.

  11. Ben was a model!! AHHHH!! I love this man! He is my most fantastic dream. I love him!! This is the best picture I’ve ever seen of him. I adore him! Who wouldn’t!

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