I said yesterday that I love people who wear bright colors and this is true but sometimes I like switching it up and wearing black and white. When I do I feel like Karl Lagerfeld for a bit!

But even when I wear black and white I need some flair so I wore some colorful socks and pants with a duck pattern on them. These aren’t the best pictures but the Husband was off teaching at Princeton and I kept asking strangers on the street to take my picture but everyone said no. How rude!

Shoes- $69 Bass

Sunglasses (Gift) Chanel

Socks- (Gift from Aunt Stacey) Little Missmatched

Pants- (Gift) Rachel Roy for Macy’s Impulse Line

Shirt- $34.99 Jason Wu for Target

Stay Glamorous,



4 responses to “BLACK AND WHITE COOKIE

  1. That are cool sunglasses!
    If I ever meet you somewhere on the street (I don’t think that will happen…) I should def take a pic for you, haha!

  2. It happens, u are in New York hun. Sometimes people are rude. But as long as u got some pics that will be all that matters, yea i saw them colorful socks lol i was like yea not all black and white huh? Keep on being glam.

  3. I love black & white, they are the main colors in my closet… well mostly black really :/ but I am trying to get more colors in it and seeing what you do with your outfits helps a lot, thanks for the inspiration 😀 loving your outfit here and the green socks are fab!

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