Everything about Princess A’s party was perfect except that I am exhausted, have a billion thank you cards to write, and am way behind on my blog. I have missed all of you but the break was needed. Also, it sucks having daylight savings on your daughter’s 1st birthday! We were up all night making decorations and then realized we would loose an hour of sleep… not fair!

Also, Princess A is almost walking. She can stand by herself and sway back and forth to music. She hasn’t actually walked by herself but she is really trying! I won’t be posting her bday pics for awhile because I still have pictures from before her birthday to post and I took so many great pictures of her birthday it will take awhile.

So back to cute baby clothes. This jumper is from Gwen Stefani’s Spring Harajuku Mini line for Target. It is beyond cute and I kind of wish she would stop making such cute stuff because my wallet needs a break!But then I think no!!!!!! I love these cute outfits keep making them for Target! Here is the front. I love the anchor and pink bow. I don’t know how I will take pictures when Princess A is able to walk!

Jumper- $20 Harajuku Mini for Target

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Thats all

  2. She’s cute! I love this outfit.
    Glad to hear that the party went well.
    When they start walking it’s more difficult to take them in pictures, we must be faster than them! 🙂

  3. She so so so cute in that outfit! You can really see that she gonna walk real soon! 🙂 It’s gonna be fun chasing her around…… 😉

  4. I know!
    I love her line as well, so adorable!
    But, that’s another piece we didn’t get…here anyways…. 😦
    Glad she had a great day & all the hard work is worth it!

  5. Wauw that’s so adorable!
    Whaha… a walking Princess A… that sounds funny to me! ❤

  6. Absolutely adorable! This is the problem with my daughter moving into girls’ sizes, there’s nothing like this. Glad to hear the party went well, and I hope you get some rest this week!

  7. Thanks Shannon for this pics.
    Princess A is so cute.
    These clothes are beautiful and she wears them very well.

  8. OMG that outfit makes me wanna be young again, pink, polka dots and dang I wish I had a little girl, but yea she would def make me go broke. Keep up the great pics

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