So Doo-Ri Chung’s line for Macy’s is not my favorite designer collaboration. The clothes didn’t look good on me because they were so unstructered and full of draping that they made me look way bigger than I am. I think the collection would look better on someone who is very tall and slender. I do love this shirt though. I just like the idea of ribbons floating through the air. It’s also black and white which reminds me of Chanel!

I guess it was a good thing that I was not in love with this line. It would be bad if I was in LOVE with every designer collaboration because then I would have no money! I am excited for the next Macy’s designer collaboration with Alberta Ferretti which launches on April 17th. Maybe I will like that collection more?

Shirt- $39 Doo-Ri Ching for Macy’s

Shirt- $19 Nordstrom Rack

Shoes- $69 Bass

Tights- $20 American Apparell

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “DOO-RI CHUNG FOR TARGET

  1. It´s better that you are not in love with every designer collaboration. I think you’d be financially ruined … 😉

  2. Haha … Freckles is peeping over your shoulder! Cute =)

  3. I love the shirt and the tights. So adorable as always hun. Keep on being glam…

  4. I absolutely love that shirt (the whole outfit really, but I’m focused on the shirt). I’m going to check my Macy’s.

  5. I like the clothes you wear. I find you wear them really well

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