First, I want to thank SuperGlamFan Kimberely for letting me know about this cause. She sent me a link to a video and it really effected me… especially because I am a mom. I don’t think I can really do a good job of explaining this so CLICK HERE to watch the video.

When I researched this I found articles with criticism about the project. That’s why I really liked that their website addresses the issues that their haters bring up. On the website you can sign a petition, make a donation, and buy an action kit. CLICK HERE to visit the Invisible Children website.

Stay Glamorous,


image via InvisibleChildren.com


9 responses to “#KONY2012

  1. I watching this video this morning and was in tears. Something needs to be done. It is strange how much our perspective of the world changes when our little ones enter our lives. Things like this have always moved, and bothered me, but even more so since the births of my kids. There is so much in the world I would love to be able to change, just to make it better for my kids.

  2. This is a subject that has hit home hard with my little family. Where this mongrol is in Uganda, his operations very close to the village my little boy I have sponsored since he was a bubby, lives. The foundation has been calling foster/sponser parents here in Australia giving us updates since late last week on our little ones and have been brilliant as this dog of a man is more than dangerous to all children’s welfare. That’s actually an understatement. He’s soul less.

    • Good to hear positive things about the organization. I have heard lots of criticism about them but I support this!!!!

      • I know, it has been big news that here two of the bigger global funding agencies are currently under major investigation due to misappropration of funds, and I believe it. My little man is in a wonderful place called ‘Watoto’ and when I give him gifts I give them to the wonderful paster who is based here in an office that works closely with our wonderful Savation Army. He then takes them to Uganda and passes them to my little boy. The Pastor also runs the Watoto with his wife so they live and breathe for those kids and also liase with us the parents on everything that happens there. My little man is like one of our family here, and he is Autistic like my eldest son Conner. The stories of this mongrel are told to people over the world as the little darlins travel globally and their choir is so beautiful.

      • That’s good to hear that there are people helping those poor kids. I am always nervous because some of these funds have been proven to be corrupt. Which one do you use because it sounds awesome! I do believe this Koby guy is evil and needs to be stopped so I don’t know why people are so against the invisible children organization.

  3. Kimberley Von V

    Thank you for doing this!!
    For spreading the word ❤

  4. I watched this video yesterday and I have been touched by it.
    How things like this can happen without people to be aware of this.
    It’s frightening to see that still occurs yet things like this in our days… 😦
    But it amazing to see what people can do when they gather for a cause!!
    I also have heard criticism about this cause, but I think it’s a good cause because all children should be free and to live in a safe world.

  5. I just watched this today and it really set a fire in my belly, so to speak. I plan on getting involved in anyway I can. I’m so glad you posted this, too!

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