SuperGlamFan Melissa bought her friend’s son Ian this 100 Monkeys signed banana toy from my ebay store. I am writing this after a tough day of teething and can’t find his mom’s name in emails. So if you are Ian’s mom please comment or email me so I can add your name to this post!Here’s another picture of Ian with his banana toy. His mom is right he does look pissed that his playtime is being disturbed by the paparazzi! Ian I hope you love this toy as much as Princess A does… she is almost a year old and still plays with it!

Stay Glamorous,


images via SuperGlamFan Ian’s Mom


14 responses to “IAN LOVES HIS MONKEY!

  1. Her name is Star Fitzpatrick. Little Ian wento his first 100 monkeys show..in mommy’s tummy! πŸ™‚

  2. (Not sure if tagging her will work, wanna make sure she knows it’s been posted) @7star1 will be so happy this has been posted! Ohhhhh Miss Star!!!!!!

  3. You know if the razzi would just leave the kids alone. I don’t care about them bugging the adults but the kids…… man please just leave the kids alone.

  4. Shannon…
    Just saw the post, thanks to my friend…
    Ian is starting to teeth now too, I love the teaching tablets….
    They work wonders…. πŸ™‚
    And he does love the banana…. πŸ™‚
    Hope Princess A is feeling better….

  5. Awww bless him he’s adorable!

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