So I didn’t actually go to the Oscars but I did dress up an attend an Oscar party. Don’t worry I didn’t break my New Year’s resolution of not watching the Oscar’s because I was too busy eating the yummy food! Anyway, here is a cool picture The Husband Aaron took of me in SOHO. I love SOHO because I lived there when I was in college and as a single gal! Whenever I walk around the streets of my old hood I have so many memories!To the party I wore one of my favorite rings!And of course my bowling shoes!!!!!I used this purse which I LOVE because I saw one by Dolce and Gabbana and loved it but it was WAY out of my price range! I got this at Forever 21 and it looks just the same. Forever 21 gets sued a lot by high end designers for copying their stuff. While I don’t endorse copying… if it bugs the designers so much maybe they should do more affordable lines! I mean if I can’t afford a $5,000 purse and then I see a purse that looks the same but costs $21 it’s not my fault that I go for the affordable purse!That’s why I love this dress. I am a big fan of Rachel Roy but can’t afford her clothes. This dress is from her affordable line for the Macy’s Impulse brand. I, The Husband Aaron, and our bank account all love this dress!When we were walking to the party we saw this pink sign. I wish this store was open because I love books and all things pink so I would totally shop here!Here’s a picture of me.And here’s a picture The Husband Aaron took of me taking a picture of myself!!!! Yes, as I said before we are weird!

Ring- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Purse- Forever 21 $21

Earrings- Forever 21 set of 5 $10

Bowling Shoes- Gift From Local Bowling Alley

Rachel Roy- Rachel Roy for Macy’s Impulse $49

Tights- American Apparel $25

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “WHAT I WORE TO THE OSCARS

  1. Well I have to say I effing love the stockings. I have always loved stockings with lines up the back and the dress. Looking fab darlin’ keep on keeping on!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous as ever. The bag is fantastic and the tights are rockin’!

  3. So awesome!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’d vote you in for best dressed.

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