Here’s Princess A with her three favorite toys. The 2 puppies are having an in depth conversation about puppy rights in this picture.

This is a dog that sings and dances. Whenever the puppy does this Princess A cracks up. She also loves to hit and abuse this puppy… which is why I thinks she loves to play with this dog… no matter how rough she is with him he never runs to his crate because he CAN’T.She loves to use this car as a walker and loves the music it makes! We have to help her get onto it to ride but when we do she giggles and honks the horn!Here she is laughing and hugging the dog while it sings the ABC’s.“Mom, why can’t Freckles sing the ABCs?”“And why won’t Freckles let me chew his ear and then slap him?”

Princess A, that’s because Freckles is an actual dog and doesn’t like to be a punching bag!!!

Dancing Puppy- Fischer Price Gift from Grandma L

Disney Princess Car- Gift from Grandma H

Penelope the Pup- FAO Schwartz Gift from Daddy

Dress and Pants Set- Carter’s $20

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “PRINCESS A’S OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

  1. Lol…
    I love Scout! I want to get him for Ian, he laughs everytime we play w/ him @ the store.
    Princess A’s outfit is so cute…

  2. Princess A looks awesome! I need to start dressing like her, she looks fab and I look like a mess most of the time (being a vet should not be an excuse to dress like I just woke up). Loving her outfit today, you have great style, she’s one lucky fashionable little girl. She looks so happy with her toy dog =) does Freckles have a trick he can do to make her smile like that?

  3. That outfit is simply adorable. My daughter had the first version on that puppy and she absolutely loved it. The batteries didn’t run out for like 3 years I think and than my mother took it for my neice to play with at her house. I got one for my neice for Christmas this past year and she loves it also.

  4. I think that even if Freckles could sing and dance, he wouldn´t do it. Because he knows what Princess A. would do to him then. 😉

  5. I have to say she has changed so much since those first few pics I have seen of her. I know it makes ya cry, it makes me cry too. Why do these kids insist on growing up so darn fast??? Can’t we make em little for just a bit longer??? So far, the biological clock has not started ticking thank goodness. For a while there, I was afraid it was going to start. LOL Cute outfit as always hun, keep on being you!!!!!

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