Thanks Katie for writing about The Husband Aaron’s new blog!

Snarky Sarcastic Bish!!!

Now wait a second, did i just ask ya politely to follow this blog??? Fuck that shit, I mean follow this blog my evil minions (or as i refer to ya as friends and family) or The Nefarious Mustache will do something evil to your email, twitter, blog, puter or even worse your phone.  I know because I followed the first day out of curiosity, then as I talked to him last night, he warned me he had bronchitis and to not breathe near my puter.  I said I was on the phone cause my laptop had the klap, thanks Lacey and then mysteriously after I was wondering whether or not to keep following him, I started coughing and could not stop.  I’m am now a loyal follower of his blog and will NEVER doubt him again.

That is his blog, read all the entries.  The first one I read…

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  1. I´m doing already! 😉

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