First off I would like to thank SuperGlamFan Laura Taylor for getting Princess A this glam stool. She has no idea what it is but loves it already! It took me a long time to post about this because when she first got it all she wanted to do was climb over it and under it really fast so all the pictures were blurry.Here is the top of the stool. The letters come out and it is a puzzle. I love it because it is cute, functional and fun. Princess A uses it as a toy, it’s sturdy enough for me to stand on, it looks perfect in her nursery, and one day she will use it to do things like brush her teeth!The best part is Laura was able to have a message put on the bottom of the stool. It makes this special gift even more special!!!!!! I will totally be stealing Laura’s idea and giving this to my friend’s kids.  I can’t wait until Princess A can use this stool to reach for things or understand that it is also a puzzle or what a puzzle even is. But for now she likes to dance while holding onto the stool and then climb over it!She enjoys taking the puzzle pieces out of the puzzle and every time is amazed that this is possible.But, her favorite thing to do is bang the puzzle pieces together and make music. I am so happy that Laura got us this stool and it’s hard to put into words how much I love it! Click here to see a video that gives out more information on the company that made the stool and the celebrities who have bought them for their children!

Click Here to check out Damhorst Toys! But beware they have tons of fun gifts besides stools so you might find yourself buying tons of stuff for you little one and everyone else’s.

Stay Glamorous,



24 responses to “GLAM BABY STOOL

  1. OMG I love it!! Thats the most awesome stool I’ve ever seen!

  2. Ok, so i read Pooppeepuke and then saw stool in the title..thought this one was going a whole other direction! Haha! Princess A is lucky to have so many fans. 🙂

  3. That’s so cool! I need to get one of those for my great-nephew, lol.

  4. That is adorable!
    My BF’S daughter (she’s 25) made her cousin one.
    She painted it & put her name on it, plus she put little flowers all over it…
    I loved it, hoping she makes one for Ian…
    Personalized items are the best…

  5. I love seeing her with it! So glad she loves it and that you’re getting use out of it too. If you hadn’t told me about the chair she already has I was going to get her the chair from Damhorst that has Princess on the back and her name on the seat. I love the idea of the stool helping as she grows though. Seeing her with it is perfect!

  6. I so effing love that stool. I wish that they had these around when my kids were younger.

  7. Lisanne Allard

    Is it ok to want one for yourself ?? LOL! I especially love the quote unerneath it… Nobody should stop dreaming and trying to reach the stars! And I think I just found the birthday gift for my niece! My nephew is already as little to old for it…

    • You should get one for yourself!!!!!! I have been using it to reach things high up in my closet. We never owned a stool before because most are so ugly and we have a small apartment. This one is so pretty that we keep it out all the time and now instead of using a chair to reach things I borrow Princess A’s stool!!!!!!

      • Lisanne Allard

        I already have a little stool for myself (a “collapsible” one) and like it for that (I always bump into everything, so I got covered with bruises all the time *sigh*) I found it at Ikea, it’s not the prettiest but it’s doing the job (I’m 5ft 4 and my appartment got pretty high cupboard…) Still, I found the perfect gift for my nephew (He gonna be 5! They grow so fast, it’s seems only yesterday that he would be the length of my brother forearm) He absolutely ADORES cars so i’m gonna order him this :
        The thing his, I also like the 14003…which one should I get for my nephew? As for the stool, my niece birthday is this summer…. hum….. 🙂

      • 1400… that’s what I like!

  8. Both of my kids had one of these, they are now 8 & 10, they held up very well under roughneck conditions! Great gift!!!

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  10. Awesome gift Laura! How cool is it that she could have that and use it for years to come?

  11. Your daughter is the best dressed baby ever! I love her little outfit in these pictures so much. And that gift is awesome, you’re lucky to have such great glamfans.

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