This cute picture of Luna cuddling her Ben monkey almost makes me forget I am extremely allergic to cats and go out and adopt one. I just love animals and hate that I am allergic to anything cute and furry!

Stay Glamorous,


image via GlamFan Maris


4 responses to “CUTE CAT ALERT

  1. Maybe that’s why animals don’t like ya???? They can sniff out those that are allergic to them and it could just be that reason. Heck that’s the reason that i’d use. Yea I am a lover of animals. However, I prefer cats. Except for the long haired diva queen bitch that we have living with us lol. You remember that pic I told ya i’d get??? yea they all gone. Bwhahahhaha must take it now lol.

  2. I am allergic to cats and other furry animals too. Unfortunately. I can´t even keep a guinea pig or a rabbit as a pet. Thank God my dog has such a short coat that I had no allergic reactions yet.

  3. Luna is like her ‘mommy’….. Loving a Ben 😉

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