I have been helped by many strangers throughout my life. I remember when my Grandma passed I was hysterical at the hospital and a woman I didn’t even know gave me a Kleenex and a hug and told me everything would be ok. I never saw her again but I think about how comforting she was all the time.

Because of her I try my best to help people when I can. Recently a 100 Monkeys fan emailed me about a pregnant woman who needs some help getting baby supplies. So I wanted to help and am sending her a package of some of Princess A’s size 3 month hand me downs later this week. Unfortunately, I don’t have many newborn clothes because Princess A had bad reflux and puked all over and ruined most of her clothes. So if you have any new or old clothes or other supplies  you would like to donate please send them to…

Kimberly Becker

66 Daniels Road

Barboursville, VA 22923

Kimberly is having a baby girl and is due in the spring. If you aren’t in a situation where you can send her stuff please send her happy thoughts!

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “HELP A FUTURE GLAM MOM

  1. Oh, that´s so sweet of you! I already contacted her on fb and I´m going to send her some baby stuff. She posted on fb and asked for help but I think with your help she will get a lot of help. 🙂

  2. I am all for helping but why is she having a baby she can’t afford? This is why society is so f-ed up. If she can’t afford to buy supplies for the baby she should really think hard about keeping the poor thing. The baby needs a home where is can be cared for. Also be careful because there are TONS of people who scam for free stuff. You think you’re doing good but you’re feeding flames. Just be careful.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I sent her a shower gift and plan on sending a plea out today for any donations. She’s had such a hard time that my heart just breaks for her.

  4. I know for a fact that there were online baby showers where she got a lot of stuff. She WANTS a lot, but has what is needed. Health issues have been known and this makes me mad when someone tries to scam a fandom. Been done before, will not accept it happening again. So please think before you send.

  5. That’s so awesome Shannon!
    I’m going to ask my BF’s SIS in law, they had a girl in May & don’t want anymore… Hopefully they still have some clothes…
    You are totally awesome!
    Super hugs to you & Princess A…
    Oh! What’s the address for Princess A’s birthday card thing you’re doing?

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