Princess A is my Supergirl. That’s why I love this shirt. The Husband Aaron also loves it because he is  a big comic book fan!She can do many tricks, like holding onto her foot while stretching it in the air. She can’t walk yet but she walks very fast on her knees!When she walks holding onto something she is a speed demon and it is hard to catch her.Besides books, Princess A’s favorite toys are bead mazes. That’s why she loves the daycare at our local gym because they have HUGE bead mazes. Here she is giving me the look, “Leave Mom and go workout. I need time alone with my beads!”

T-Shirt- (Gift) Trunk LTD

Pants- (Carter’s) Gift

Socks- (Gift) Trumpette

Stay Glamorous,




  1. I think many kids love bead mazes… Jaden´s is still thrilled with them.
    Wow… you know a supercat and you´re the mom of a supergirl – that´s because you´re a superwoman. 😉

  2. She is adorable as always!! The shirt is totally awesome! And totally the truth.

    Can you keep a secret? I love bead mazes too. I can keep play with it for hours, I think that was my most favorite thing about working at the daycare besides the kids.

    • Maris – you took the words right out of my brain. My comment was going to be along the lines of being able to play with them for a long time. When at the doctor’s office, I will watch the kids play the entire time since it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to get on the floor with them to play.

  3. “She can do many tricks, like holding onto her foot while stretching it in the air.”
    Can she do that on a horse as well? Then she can come and join our trickteam =D
    (Did you see the short movie you sent to the guys/one of the guys? Then you do know what I mean! ^^, ).

    Awesomesauce shirt btw, really cute!

  4. Another very enjoyable post about Princess A. Her facial expressions are probably my favorite part of every post. She says SOOOO much. Too bad we don’t have some sort of translator to know what she is thinking.

  5. She’s just do darn expressive and she’s getting so big! Supergirl she is!

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