I made this picture with instagram. If you are not on instagram or following me on instagram DO SO. I post my VIP pics there. Anyway, I love New York and couldn’t live anywhere else. I also just love the Empire State building. I don’t know what it is about it that makes me feel confident and secure just by looking at it. I found this picture while I was going through my closet last week. It was taken my first summer in New York back in 2002… I think. I don’t know why the camera says 98′ because I didn’t even know Ben then.

Anyway, this picture is of us at the top of the Empire State building. Little known fact Ben and I are both afraid of heights but we climbed it anyway and the worst/funniest part was we didn’t know both of us were afraid till we got to the top.

I had been begging someone to take me to the Empire State Building for weeks… to the point of being extremely annoying! Finally, Ben caved but on the way there he kept procrastinating. Finally we got there and waited in a long line. He looked very stressed but I figure it was the crowd. When we got to the top I started to freak out because I am afraid of heights but never let that get in the way of my sightseeing. Just ask my Dad… I cried all the way to the top of Ayer’s Rock in Australia. Ben told me to take a picture so we could get the hell out of there. I kept trying to take the perfect pic then Ben grabbed it took a picture and then demanded we go back to the bottom.

I cried until we were finally on the ground. When we were back on the street I asked Ben why he was so upset and he said it was because he is afraid of heights. I felt really bad that I made him go to the top but happy that I had a friend who would sight see with me even though he was nervous. He was annoyed that I kept begging him to go with me and then cried for most of the time. Sorry!!!!

So use this picture as a reminder to try, see, and do new things even when you are afraid of them. You might really like it or at least realize something about yourself and your friends that is really special.

Stay Glamorous,



13 responses to “NEW YORK STATE OF MIND

  1. You should borrow Princess A her shirt… Coz YOU are the supergirl here!
    Pretty awesome of you to face your fear of hights, and Ben is a true friend for facing it together with you.

    I’m proud of the both of you! *bows*

  2. NY … I really love this city too. The only location I could chuck everything! I feel good in NY and sometimes when I have the blues, I think we’ll do the suitcases, we go to NY and we start all over there … but after a moment of clarity, I say Noooo
    Ben was adorable … it’s a true friend, went up there while he has fear of heights, he’s an angel. Not many friends would do this.

    Empire is magic, I’m not afraid of heights so when I went there I took advantage of the maximum. It’s like the Top of the Rock to the end of the day is magical.
    When I was walking around NY I looked up and saw the Empire, I felt good … Indeed, this is a strange sensation. As Times Square is euphoric, is exhilarating as the Empire has a reassuring side, like Lady Liberty.
    This post made ​​me dream Shannon, Thank you.
    Now I have only one desire : to take flight to NY …. ahhhhhh

  3. Holy poopers!! (no fowl language incase princess A is secretly a genius & can read this) You are 18 in that pic & you look almost exactly the same now – what’s your secret?! *Jealous*

    Kudos on facing the heights too =)

  4. Your pic is great!! And Ben is really a true friend!!
    I love New York !! It’s an awesome city!! I hope I could go there one day!! 🙂

  5. “Because,” she said, “when you’re scared but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.”

  6. Mary Cate Longo

    Congratulations! I’m proud of you both! I LOVE New York! But it’s been years since I’ve been there. My very first trip without my parents was to New York. My best friend and I went the summer after we graduated from high school. We had a blast!! A couple years later my brother and I went. Again, we had an amazing time. He treated me to 2 Broadway shows. I knew about the first one before we went but he totally surprised me with the second. Anyway, I remember going up the Empire State Building. Like you, I am afraid of heights. I’m also afraid in crowds. So the trip up was twice as bad for me. Nothing like being jammed into an elevator with a bunch of strangers going up to a ridiculous height! 🙂 And as much as I love my friend and brother, I think I would have preferred to have Ben with me, even if he was as scared as me. LOL!

  7. Is that an Ole Miss shirt he’s wearing? If so, hotty toddy!

  8. I love these pictures. I love New York, she is one of my favorite cities in the United States.
    I love your picture with Ben. I had the chance to meet him in Lille with the rest of the group and it is great.

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