Today The Husband and I are going to the dentist and I am reminded of how important it is to brush your teeth. I brush my dog’s teeth everyday. So when I started brushing Princess A’s teeth I thought it would be a piece of cake considering I brush a dog’s mouth with sharp teeth regularly… I was wrong.

Princess A kept crying and biting me. Then she tried to swallow the finger brush. After that experience I was afraid to brush her teeth until I found this. I got it for $8.49 from and it is amazing. Yes, I was initially drawn to it because I happen to love monkeys and bananas but it has proved to be a great purchase.

Princess A thinks it is funny and actually giggles when I brush her teeth with it. Sometimes she holds it herself and either chews on it ot attempts to brush her own teeth. It must feel really good on her gums because even on her worst teething days this cheers her up!

If your child is over 12 months don’t worry… they have a banana brush for older kids as well at

Stay Glamorous,



3 responses to “BANANA TOOTHBRUSH

  1. They should have these for grown ups!

  2. Mary Cate Longo

    Very cool! What will they think of next? That would be a really great present for Princess A to give to her Uncle J for his little monkey on the way. Something tells me he’d appreciate a gift like that, 🙂

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