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What's in the Box?

Brian lived in the apartment above me at my former residence in Williamsburg.  We met for the first time when I came home from work one night and he and my roommate were rolling doobies in the backyard.  I politely declined their herbal offerings, but agreed to join them for drinks upstairs.  Brian was a big pothead and his apartment looked like a hippie commune, complete with all sorts of crazy tapestries, a plethora of plants, and an assortment of loose felines.  He introduced us to his favorite cat, a female named “BJ” – short for Brian, Jr.

I assumed he was gay.  His vocal inflections were very effeminate and my roommate told me that he used to be a male model.  He got out his portfolio and, sure enough, there he was- half-naked, posed provocatively with attractive women.  I showed a current picture of him (in which he is…

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