Freckles looks like a gutter rat here. He looks disheveled most days. It’s as if he is thinking, “What happened to the good old days when I slept in and wasn’t constantly being attacked by a baby?”It’s hard to feel bad for him though when it always happens the same way. Princess A gets tired of me feeding her. She tries to use a spoon but just stabs her eye with it. So next she decided to eat the oatmeal with her hands. At first she is proud of herself.Then she gets frustrated with how long it takes to eat oatmeal with her hands. Notice Freckles patiently waiting under the highchair for food.Then she invites Freckles up and decides she is a dog and will lick up her oatmeal.Then Princess A decides that Freckles is taking too much of her oatmeal and starts to yank and pull his hair out. This happens every day, at every meal, with all kinds of foods, and yet her never learns. He is always just sitting under that highchair begging for more.

He reminds me of myself that way. I know how exhausting Princess A can be but every morning I am so excited to see her even though I know she will spend most of the day biting me and breaking things.

Stay Glamorous,



11 responses to “POOR FRECKLES

  1. Lol, poor Freckles he has the “save me! look when our family dogs are being assaulted by my one and two year old nephews 🙂

  2. True, our family dogs feel the same way, when my nephews come to visit they go and hide, lol unless, food is involved they come out of hiding 🙂

  3. Aww… I like the facial expression of Freckles!! It’s the same with my cats when my little cousins come.
    It’s a great experience the first meals taken by themselves!! 🙂

  4. Amelia looks so cute with the “face pack” 😉
    Poor Freckles… life of hardship!

  5. Apparently I was the same with my dog Sheba when I was little. My parents would think I’d been good and eaten my food but I had shared it with the dog, always given away by the fact that Sheba was covered in food after every meal. Just wait till she figures out she can save food for later! The amount of times I changed my son’s nappy and found toast and biscuits (cookies) stuck in there lol

  6. oh my goodness, Princess A looks adorable eating and i love it, poor freckles but we all know he loves it, if he didn’t he would bite, so its a good thing lol

  7. Poor Freckles. It reminds me of the day my daughter decided our two dogs needed to become better friends. So she covered both of them in butter, from head to toe. The dogs sat licking the butter off each other. Another day (when we were down to one dog and a new kitten), she decided to have “spa day”. When the dog showed up smelling better than usual I discovered she had sprayed a whole can of Axe body spray on the dog, and put a whole bottle of green tea lotion on the kitten. I think she was 3 at the time. I learned quickly when she and her brother were being quiet, I needed to worry. I also learned some days you just have to laugh so you don’t cry.

  8. She’s just putting a little “product” in his hair every meal. Maybe the dishelved look is in for dogs?

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