Before I had Princess A I was always up on all designer collaborations. Now that I am a busy mom sometimes I miss stuff. Like when I was shopping at Target for Jason Wu I realized Gwen Stefani had done a new Harajuku Mini line for Target. It’s for spring and nautical inspired so check it out if you haven’t yet. I was so upset I didn’t know about it beforehand because most of the clothes I wanted are out of stock.

Anyway, my fab new mom friend told me last week that Diane von Furstenberg is collaborating with Gap Kids. To say I am excited is an understatement. Whenever I put on a DVF dress I feel powerful, sexy, and intelligent all at once. I have written about my love for Diane von Furstenberg previously because she wears her frizzy hair proudly.

I also just love her. I follow her on twitter and find everything she has to say truly inspirational. Like in this video below. It’s an add for her new line but the things she says in it about little girls is so beautiful. She could of just been like “Buy My Fab Stuff” and let’s face it myself and most moms would of gone for it. But she added some eloquent tidbits that just show how classy she is.

This collection hits store and online March 15th. I have never shopped for a Gap Kids collaboration before. So my question… will there be limited quantities? Should I stay up to purchase online at midnight? Or camp out the night before at my local Gap Kids?

Either way I will do what it takes to score basically everything from this line because I can’t wait to see Princess A in a DVF wrap dress!!!

Stay Glamorous,


Images via Gap


4 responses to “DIANE VON FURSTENBERG FOR GAP KIDS… WHAT?!?!?!? AND YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Adorable stuff!
    I love Gwen’s line for boys, its fun & hip, w/o being boring…
    I love the fun colors she uses, but her Spring line, wasn’t feasible to buy in Florida, the clothes were still to warm, esp. this year.
    But, her summer line is now out & wow!
    The entire line is fantastic!!
    I’m going to get Ian the Grouchy Gorilla outfit & I think buy my BF niece one of the dresses for her b-day…
    Princess A would look adorable in this line…
    Take a look, if its out there… 😛

  2. I am no fashionista, but I am really excited about this line! I got a sneak peek in my email a few weeks ago and immediately thought of you. I am hoping to score some outfits in time to have non-traditional easter outfits… or at least a beautiful dress for a 2 year photo shoot for Lily.

  3. for some pieces, there will be competition from petite buyers- women snapped up the GapKids Stella McCartney band jacket in the larger sizes. Ask ahead of time at your local stores – some stores(usually high volume stores) will get a lot more shipment than others on launch day. It’s a good idea to get friendly with the store managers- if you have your eye on a certain piece from the collection, they may even be able to put it on hold for you before it hits the racks. Good luck

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