I got Princess A this shirt because she LOVES Olivia and she is such a good help… like it was so easy to get a picture of this shirt for my blog.The shirt says, “Mommy’s Big Helper” and it was so helpful of her to hide under the stroller when I was trying to take pictures of her.It was also nice when she played with Freckles’ paws instead of posing. Then she stole his bone and hid in his crate. That was extremely helpful!Next she reminded me that I need to do a better job of baby proofing by breaking some frames.She chewed on Freckles’ ear so much that he had to shake off her slobber. She fixed the wheels on her stroller which I didn’t even know were broken.Freckles was shocked by her “helpfulness” and just wanted to go on a walk.Then Princess A helped by trying to push the stroller herself.Princess A soon decided it was time for Freckles to eat.It went well until she tried to eat the dog food herself.

Princess A I love you and I am so glad you love the shirt. But sometimes and mostly always you are not much of a help. BUT, you do help put me in a good mood with all your shenanigans so I guess that counts.

Shirt- Target $10

Pants- Gap (Gift)

Socks- Little Missmatched (Gift from Aunt Stacey)

Stay Glamorous,



10 responses to “PRINCESS A’S OUTFIT OF THE DAY!

  1. She is growing so fast!!
    She is going to walk soon, or she does already. 🙂

  2. Your blogs always make me giggle! She’s such a cheeky lil girl.
    It will probably get worse, but thats the good thing about little kids, they are innocent and cheeky and it makes you happy no matter what they do.

  3. That´s too funny!
    I know how “helpful” lil kids can be… 🙂

  4. I’ve giggled at this post! LOL
    It reminds me of a time when my daughter decided to help me and was very proud that she’d given our tropical fish aquarium a ‘drink’ because “the fishes were thirsty!!!”
    Errrrmm,a drink???? *I run off to look*
    Why is the water pink????
    *Looks at the empty cup that 5 minutes early contained strawberry shake*
    To cut a very long story short…the tropical fish
    all died!
    Got to love mommys little helper!!

    • That is so cute and sad at the same time!

      • Yeah, we were pretty upset at the time, but couldn’t be mad at her because she was trying to help. Just one of those things with parenthood, expect the unexpected.
        We look back and smile about that now, especially seeing as she’s grown up to be a teenager with added attitude…not shake! LOL

  5. Luv the last pic! Mommy little model!

  6. She’s gotta be like her Godfathers, FULL of shenanigans 😉

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