Superfan Maris sent this to me and I LOVE it. That is all I have to say!

Stay Glamorous,


image via Superfan Maris


11 responses to “HATERS

  1. Too bad that things like this need to be made, too bad there are people spreading hate. Just for being the awesome person that you are.
    When do people learn to make their own life fun, instead of making others fun lives miserable.

  2. Absofreakinlutely!

  3. They hate because they’re jealous.

  4. Yep, jealousy. And perhaps a little bit of stupidity too. Oh well, a certain someone who shall remain nameless dropped me as a friend, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. Life’s too short. Live happy! Live strong! Love yourself and love your friends. That’s all that matters.

  5. Make love not war! Seriously haters are jealous. We love ya darlin. Xxxx

  6. Love this! Haters really are just people who are jealous of you or wish they could be you. Really immature and sad really! You are fab ma’am!

  7. Haters are very pitiful creatures. They harbour a hatred for other people and that´s why they don´t have time to enjoy their own lives. It´s up to them to make their own lives better…

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