Yesterday was just one of those days where Princess A did not want her picture taken. She was too busy at we like to call her “part-time job at the bookstore”. She crawls over to her bookcase and takes out all the books, climbs in the bookcase, looks at a few, then crawls out,  puts the books back in, and repeats the whole process over and over again!She used to only be able to reach one shelf but now she can reach the second couch so her job has gotten more time consuming! I got one cute picture with a good smile though.I was disappointed that I couldn’t get a good picture of her shirt because it is a “Blues Clues” shirt that says “I Love Animals”. And Princess A LOVES animals… especially furry ones… especially ones named Freckles.Then I realized she doesn’t need a shirt to prove her love of animals because she shares all her toys with Freckles everyday and whenever she sees another animal she wants to pet it. I can’t wait to take her to a petting zoo when she is older. Maybe by then she will learn to calmly pet an animal! Right now she gets so excited she ends up smacking Freckles when she pets him… and she sees him every day so who knows what she would do to a new animal!

Pants- 77 Kids (Gift From Aunt Stacey)

Shirt- Old Navy (Gift From Aunt Stacey)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Love the Blues Clues shirt!
    One of my favorite kids shows.
    Love how she’s playing w/ Freckles, looks like a tea party….

  2. She has so much love for Freckles. I like to see their complicity!! 🙂
    I’m pretty sure she will like zoo when she will be older.

  3. Princess A becomes more beautiful every day.
    I love to see her playing with Freckles… so cute.

  4. I so effing love blues clues. I’d send ya a pic of my oldest now 17 but at about 5ish dressed as blues for halloween and his sis as a rabbit, but right now i’m already in enough troubles with them. YAY but one day I shall do that. She looks like she was having fun and isn’t that what it is all about anyways???? Much love

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