Today I did a google image search for “baby chewing crib” and this adorable picture came up… actually a ton of panda pictures came up. Which cracked me up because there are so many pandas in my life. My sister Elizabeth is obsessed with pandas and The Husband Aaron has a lot of hilarious jokes about them!

Then I watched this cute video which reminded me of Princess A because when she isn’t chewing her crib she is trying to climb out of it. She also loves to play with plastic boxes! So I guess I have a baby panda on my hands!

Then this fun video came up which reminded me of Freckles because he LOVES to do somersaults! So I guess I have a dog panda too!

This panda reminds me of myself so I guess I am a panda as well!

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to act for advice. Princess A loves to chew on her crib. When I go into get her from her crib she is covered in white stuff. It took us a while to figure this out but after I found teeth marks on the crib we knew the white material was paint. The crib is made of some special ecosystem and child friendly paint but still I don’t like the idea of her eating paint. I have seen crib teethers made of plastic but my first thought is she will figure out how to take it off and I don’t want her chewing on plastic either.

I emailed Princess A’s pediatrician for advice but any help from seasoned moms out there about babies who like to chew on their crib would be greatly appreciated!

Stay Glamorous,


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7 responses to “MY PANDA FAMILY

  1. My daughter’s cot came with the plastic teethers already attached, she only tried chewing on it once but because she couldn’t get any purchase on it she gave up and returned to chewing her toy rabbit’s ears and her toy cow’s tail! It won’t do her any harm so the less fuss you make the quicker it will pass. 🙂

  2. The problem with the little ones when they are teething is that they just have to bite and chew on something, its a natural instinct. When they find something that works they tend to stick with it and its difficult to get them to use something else. Why my son was little he insisted on chewing his favourite cuddly rabbits nose, until one day it almost came off!!! After some very delicate ‘surgery’ on poor Mr Rabbit we fixed his nose but had to find something to replace it, so we went shopping together and he chose an excellent plastic teether which could also be cooled in the fridge. He loved it and Mr Rabbit was never chewed again.
    With your problem with the crib, have you tried covering over the area she chews with some material? I wouldn’t be happy with her eating paint either, even if it is child friendly. Have a look around the stores, there may be something that you can paint on the crib that tastes bitter, which will stop her, but make sure there is something else there for her to chew on and encourage her to use it, even if you have to chew on it yourself to get her to copy you! LOL

  3. Don’t know if you have them in the states but I used a dummy (or pacifier I think you call it) that is similar to a gum shield – so there’s already something there to chew on & within about 2 nights she never chewed the cot again.
    If I remember right, you can put them in the fridge to cool for thei gums, or rub a layer of teething gel on to help the poor blighters.

    Hope you manage to sort something soon, I was a zombie from lack of sleep worrying about Remi’s chewing, I’m sure you’re feeling pretty much the same.

  4. They have cloth crib rail covers. Babies R Us sells them. Or if you’re really creative you could buy some awesome fabric at Mood!

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