Yesterday, I wanted to show off the cool necklace The Husband Aaron got me for Valentine’s Day. It is a frog queen on a key which reminds me of Princess A because she has a clown queen winter hat!I also love it because it has a blue bow that reminds me of Tiffany’s and that reminds me of getting engaged which makes me smile!I found this cheap headband that was the exact same color as my sweater score!!!!!!Here is my complete ensemble this picture was taken at my local Post Office by a glam postal worker!!!

Boots- Geoxx

Tights- American Apparel

Necklace- Betsey Johnson (Gift from The Husband Aaron)

Headband- $3 Ricky’s

Sweater- $39.99 Jason Wu for Target

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “FROGS AND FLOWERS

  1. Love that necklace.

  2. I’m glad you love the necklace! I’m going out shopping again today because guess what everyone…Monday is Shannon’s birthday!!!! (Yes, I wait til the last minute, but that’s only to let my creative “buy Shannon” a gift thoughts mature.

    Happy almost birthday, best wife ever!

    Aaron (The Husband)

  3. Oh, Shannon… you really got the best husband ever! “Dream-team”. 🙂
    Can´t wait to see the pics of the birthday gift you´ll get from Aaron.

  4. Beautiful necklace! You’re so lucky to have such a great husband who buys such beautiful jewellry. 😉

    I bet you’re really looking forward to get your birthday gift.

  5. I love the color of
    your hair! 🙂 And the
    necklace is very cute. .
    hugs and kisses for you ,your
    husband and your
    baby from

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