These pictures were taken with my old camera so please excuse the blurriness. Princess A was so happy to get her special bear she couldn’t stop doing the happy dance!Amelia is from NY and her Dad and Grandpa are Yankees fans. BUT my family are long time Cardinals fans. I keep saying she can be a fan of both teams because they are in different leagues but if they ever both get to the World Series I don’t know who we will root for. Princess A’s Uncle Scott and Aunt Stacey got her this bear from the Build-A-Bear workshop at Busch Stadium in St. Louis during the 2011 World Series games. She loves the bear and is very protective of it because she doesn’t want Freckles to eat it.Here is a close up of the bear. My favorite part is the baseball nose. She doesn’t have a name yet… any ideas?Uncle Scott and Aunt Stacey also got her a shirt that says “St. Louis Princess”. It is very fitting and I wish she would sit still long enough to get a decent picture of the shirt!She looks sad here because she feels divided between the Yankees and Cardinals. Who do you think she should root for this spring?

Bear- Build-A-Bear (Gift from Aunt Stacey and Uncle Scott)

Shirt- STL Merchandise (Gift from Aunt Stacey and Uncle Scott)

Sweatsuit- Carter’s (Gift from her friend Helaine)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. You know I absolutely love this! So great to see Princess A with an awesome bear from the World Champions. And the timing is perfect! So very cute.

    Go Cardinals! 🙂

  2. I hate to say this because I now know of a few Yankees fans that DON’T aggravate me beyond belief. However, my rule for MLB is, anyone BUT the Yankees. My apologies to the Yankees fans but I have plenty of reasons to dislike them.

  3. Very cute! Totally breaking my heart since I grew up in Texas and rooted for the other team during the world series…. but princess A makes the cardinals look good.

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