I played with this picture so much you can’t even tell what the real colors of the items worn are. But I love the way it looks so I kept it! The sunglasses are actually hot pink and the leopard headband is pink a purple.I wore the headband because it matched my purple jeans. Yeah, for dressing colorful and wild!!!!!!!

Headband- Ricky’s $10

Jeans- $69.95 Gap

Shirt- Gap (Gift)

Shoes- Local Bowling Alley (Gift)

Earrings- Urban Outfitters (Gift)

Sunglasses- $14 Urban Outfitters

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “LIPS AND LEOPARD

  1. i effing love that headband and sunglasses lol. Keep up the great work darlin

  2. Bring it on with your bad self! ~stands back ~ Shannon is SMOKIN!!!

  3. Loving the headband. Ricky’s?

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