I love camo print especially pink camo but when I saw this cute blue dress I had to get it for Princess A!We went to music class and she liked it so much she couldn’t stop pulling her tights! But then it was bubble time and of course she got very serious!Then we went to a friend’s house where she played with yellow blocks!It was nice out so we stopped by the playground to swing. I wanted to practice with my new camera but Princess A’s eyes kept saying, “Less Pictures More Pushing!”So I pushed her and luckily my new Nikon camera is so awesome I can take pictures and push her on the swing!And I finally got a picture that shows what a daredevil baby Princess A is. She is only happy if she is swinging really high.Have a swinging day… until tomorrow!

Dress- ON SALE NOW for $9.95 at

Tights- Carter’s (Gift)

Hat- The Children’s Place (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. Absolutely adorable! I love camo to; being in the South and all. You know we hunt alot down here

  2. In the second to last one I thought she was balancing on her stomach on the fence for a moment. *lol* Love the dress, love the tights. I’ll be checking out today.

  3. I effing love that dress. I’m glad that you put her in tights lol it makes it so much harder for her to get them off. Bwhahahahaha, try all u want darlin, it ain’t happening!!!!! Did I mention that I was a mean and evil mom??? 😉

  4. Looking good Princess A!

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