I don’t care what anyone says Freckles is my first child. I made a lot of mistakes with him that have made it easier to parent Princess A. Right now he is having a rough go of it because Princess A is taking up a lot of my energy because she is mobile and into everything. Also, all she wants to do is crawl over to him and yank on his fur and tail. So whenever he finds a nice spot to relax in speedy Princess A crawls over cackling like a witch to grab at him.

I know he loves Princess A because she is another playmate for him. I also know that as time goes on she will learn to be gentle with him and they will have so much fun together. But in the meantime I feel bad that I can’t rub his belly every time he rolls over or play tug of war every time he comes up to me with a toy. So any advice on making older siblings (human or of the animal variety) feel loved even when most of your attention has to go to the younger child.

Stay Glamorous,



6 responses to “MOPE THE MOPESTER

  1. I love your dog, it’s too beautiful. I have one and it is also an apricot poodle. He has How old are your dog? Mine will be 12 years old this year.

  2. I had Toby (my wheaten terrier) before either of my kids were born. He is my first child! I too feel so bad that my attention was divided and divided again after the birth of both kids. Love him when you can and he will understand. Doggies are cool like that!

  3. Your dog is so sweet. My first baby was my Jack Russell Kalie, we sadly just lost her this past Saturday after 12.5 yrs. Kalie and my daughter Katelyn had a very strong bond. I have so many pictures of the two of them together. Katelyn used to “read” to Kalie, would hand feed her, both her dog food and whatever she was eating (not good when your dog is allergic to meat and grains). I just always made a point of giving Kalie whatever cuddles I could. Night time really became our time. The kids would be in bed and Kalie would snuggle up against me. Likely grateful for the peace and ability to rest without being poked. I loved watching the bond form between my kids and Kalie. My son and daughter each had their own connection with her. My son was the one Kalie went to looking for dropped food (he is the messy one) and Katelyn was who she went to for cuddles when I was busy.

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