So besides the fact that I hate blow drying my hair and never do it now I am way too busy to even consider it. The only issue I have with letting my hair air dry is during the winter when it is freezing cold. I also hate the feeling of wet hair on my neck. That’s why I love the turbie twist. It’s a towel just for your head that you twist and then fasten in the back. It is made of a super absorbent material that helps your hair dry faster. It also comes in some fab designs like the pink leopard I am sporting above.

This is one of my must have beauty items because I can take a shower and then play with Princess A, do the dishes, and whatever else I need to do while my hair is drying and out of my face.When I let my hair dry halfway in it it comes out in nice curls. When I let my hair dry completely in it it comes out straight and frizzy a la Diane von Furstenberg. It only costs $19.99 and you can buy it online here but I have seen it sold in many drugstores… which is better because then you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. That towel is a God send around here. My daughter has very long hair and will not get dressed if she has even one drop of water on her body. With this towel her hair is up and drying so it is not dripping on her body and then she can get dressed. Saves us time in the morning (and a lot of my yelling “Katelyn get dressed! One drop of water will not kill you! You have to get ready for school/dance!”)

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