I never really noticed cleft chins before Princess A was born with the most gorgeous cleft chin. Then I was watching Glee and Sue Sylvester said that WIll Schuester has a “butt chin”. Then I heard some kids at my local playground making fun of another kid with a cleft chin. I started to panic. What if people make fun of Princess A’s chin when she grows up? How will I handle it as a mom? How will I comfort her?

I did a google search and found out that a ton of awesome celebs have cleft chins I just never paid attention before. My favorite is Adele because she has red hair and is a singer just like Princess A. If you don’t think a baby’s singing voice can be compared to Adele’s just come to my apartment around nap time  and listen to Princess A belt out a sad love song about having to go sleep. My favorites include “Chasing Sheep”, “Mom Like You But doesn’t make me Nap”, and “Set Fire to the Crib”. One thing I don’t get about Adele’s rise to fame is the obsession on her weight. She’s a singer and in no way shape or form is she trying to be a model so who cares what she looks like. This is something that just irritates me. If I asked Giselle and all the other Victoria’s Secret Angels if they could do calculus they would probably say “No”. Why should they? Their job is to be thin and look good in underwear. But if I went on and on and kept talking about how Giselle isn’t a supermodel AND a genius mathematician people would think I was crazy. And rightly so because Giselle is not trying to say she is good at math she is just a model. So why then whenever a talented women gets some limelight do people what she looks like?

I remember when Hilary Clinton had a bad hair day and wore a alligator clip it made front page news… SERIOUSLY? Maybe she didn’t have time to do her hair because she is a little bit busy you know being Secretary of State and all. It makes sense though that reporters care about hair so much because it must be shocking to see someone with hair in the White House since the US government has been controlled by white balding men for so many years.

I digress. Back to Adele and her beautiful voice. She has some amazing quotes about the media’s obsession about her weight that I would like to share.


People are starting to go on about my weight but I’m not going to change my size because they don’t like the way I look.


I don’t want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vogue. I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone or Q. I’m not a trend-setter… I’m a singer… I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album then look like Nicole Richie and do a shit album. My aim in life has never been to be skinny.

You know why her aim in life has never been to be skinny??? Because she’s a SINGER so get off her back people! Anyway, her is Adele singing my fav song of hers “Set Fire to the Rain”… but I have to say I enjoy Princess A’s “Set Fire to the Crib” more. Enjoy!

Stay Glamorous,


  1. This post is just absolutely perfect. As a woman who struggles with her weight, I sometimes wonder why it matters? My main goal is to be a author and I’m slowly but surely achieving that dream. Why does an author need to look like a supermodel? I’m also an artist. Neither of these professions require me to be svelte. I would like to become healthy and kick my carbohydrate addiction, but I’m not going to beat myself up anymore. Chubby, healthy and happy is better than thin, unhealthy and unhappy any day of the week.

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i effing love Adele. I am glad that she refuses to conform to the “NORM” that has been set by someone who wouldn’t know the meaning of normal if it kicked them in the azz. This is nuts. And Princess A may have a cleft chin but its adorable. Just remember to teach her to be happy about how she looks, no matter what anyone does or says. She has an amazing mom who will make her proud of who she is and love herself.

  3. Yet another fabulous reason to love this woman, not only is her voice amazing but so is her outlook. As long as she is happy with how she looks then that is fabulous. She is so right & I love that she says it proudly. A good rolemodel for those skinny obsessed young girls, beauty is from within. Go Adele!

  4. You are so wise! I love Adele and think she is beautiful! Sadly as for people making fun of Sweet Princess A for her cleft chin, it may happen. Not because she isn’t gorgeous but because I find sometimes people are just mean and will make fun of others for anything. If it isn’t the cleft chin, it is something else. All we can do as parents is raise our kids to be confident in themselves and to know that they are truly beautiful people inside and out.

  5. You should never judge a book by its cover!
    A few years ago I weighed a little more than I do nowadays. People always told me I´d look better if I would reduce some weight… so I tried to do it (without success). I lost a lot of weight because of my horrible wedlock and now people tell me I should eat more because I´d look better if I´d weigh a little more. That´s confusing! Now I know that I can´t please everybody but that´s okay for me. As long as I feel comfortable with myself it doesn´t matter what other people think about me. My look haven´t anything to do with my characteristics.

  6. You do know that she is on the cover of the newest edition of Vouge right???

  7. I could go on for days about the weight issue, because I feel so strongly about it, but I’ll just say one thing:
    Adele is BEAUTIFUL ! For the haters: Look at the photos! She is gorgeous! I would kill to look like her, size and all.
    So anyone who has a problem with her size? Just know, Adele will ALWAYS be better than you.
    Thanks Shan for letting me get on my soap box here — as always, YOU are gorgeous and FABULOUS !


    • No bog deal.. I love your soapbox. I wish everyone had your opinion. I used to not care as much about media stuff but now that I have a daughter I get really pissed about certain things the media says about people.

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