The first time I went to Scotland to visit Ben my bags got lost on the flight over. It took two days to get my luggage back. Ben was nice enough to let me borrow some of his clothes but this was before Ben was a fabulous musician so he did not have anything pink for me to wear. It was interesting wearing brown clothes for two days but I have to say I think I look better in bright colors. I wish I could tell you where these clothes are from but I doubt even Ben knows!

Stay Glamorous,



12 responses to “LOST CLOTHES

  1. You & Ben are kicking it old clothes. Personally I really dig the shirt you’re wearing, but quite honestly I think Ben needs a new pair of flip flops.

  2. I think he already got a new pair…. At a 100 monkeys show (I can’t remember which one), did he had PINK flip flops ?

  3. Something like that happened to me too… but I never got my clothes back. 😦 I gotta say you look kinda glam… even in Ben´s clothes. 🙂

  4. this post has me laughing fair and I confess that is not easy things at the moment so thank you.
    I imagine you groaning as well what you had nothing to get dressed.
    To see your face, you seem so happy … You irradiated of joy to be in clothes of Ben!

  5. Oh my my my … This is the most adorable thing ever!
    You guys always look so comfortable together, such true friends =) beautiful ❤

  6. I love that shirt you are wearing. The khaki’s work for me too lol but now poor Ben needs something to make that sure work. I love your friendship. It’s totally awesome. I’m still totally jealz. LOL

  7. I really like the shirt, it’s definitely something I’d wear, lol. Actually, I think I have a shirt that’s kinda like that except it’s sleeveless with really soft, almost velvety material and it ties up the front.

    Whether it’s something you’d usually wear or not, you totally work it, lol.

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