Princess A loves to swim but because it is winter she gets cold and upset if you don’t keep her whole body in the water. That’s why she is so serious above. She loves to swim but hates being cold.Her swimming teacher suggested I get her a swimsuit with sleeves and a hood. Not only does she look adorable in it but it kept her warm and she laughed during the whole class and didn’t cry when she got out of the pool!

Rashguard Swimsuit-  $24.95 Gap

Stay Glamorous and Warm,




  1. She’s cute!! 🙂
    I like it!! It’s practical to continue to swim during the winter. 🙂
    Swimming is good for babies and she seems to like that.

  2. That is brilliant and adorable! I love seeing all the new baby stuff you find.

  3. She looks likes Piglet (ok, whitout the “striped body”…), but still! Cute!

  4. The pictures are to cute for words, they look perfect for drawing 🙂

  5. This is absolutely adorable, well-priced, and a great idea. And she looks beyond adorable in it. 🙂

  6. I looovve that!!!!! That is toooo fudging cute!!! I love chunky baby legs..and why is it the tiny bathing suits are always the cutest? My grandmother has a pic of me when I was about the same age in a little bikini and OMG I had rolls on my little legs lol one of these days she is going to post it on facebook when I am least expecting it for some sort of payback lol

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