We have been getting so many emails and pictures from fans that I had to teach Amelia how to use a laptop. Unofrtunately, she is not the best personal assistant.Because she gets tired very quickly. So I have created a new email address for all blog related emails. It is easier to make sure I respond to everyone this way. So if you would like to send us a note or picture please email us at

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “NEW EMAIL

  1. Just wait….Before you know it she will know how to use the real thing. My niece can almost order a pizza online, HAS purchased a song on my phone, and has asked for passwords for different people’s accounts before they realize what is going on. Best part of all this, the song she purchased on my phone was “Friday” by Rebecca Black performed by the Glee cast. I was….thrilled.

  2. I like the first pic!! She seems so fascinated by the computer!! 🙂

  3. She may not have the skills for a personal assistant, but she is damn cute doing it. I say give her a chance & a raise.

  4. Priceless!

  5. As I said i’m thinking that Princess A will become a kick azz assistant once u get her the right laptop.

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