Princess A and I received some glam necklaces a while back but it has taken us a while to find the perfect outfits and event to wear them to. I wore this cute dress from Karl Lagerfeld’s Net-a-Porter collection. Can you see the tiny Karl’s?Here is the fab necklace I received from Swedish jewelry designer named Pernilla. She is a mother as well and has three kids. She made this necklace¬† just for me and said these four words are what come to mind when she reads my blog! The necklace is cute and durable. Princess A pulled on it a ton and nothing happened! Stay tuned to see the necklace designed for Princess A!

Dress- KARL via (Gift)

Boots- $20 Old Navy

Tights- $14.50 Express

Necklace- Minimi design (Gift) for more info click here to view her website

Stay Glamorous,



4 responses to “MY GLAM NECKLACE

  1. That is a really cute necklace. The dress was also fab! Loved the outfit and can’t wait to see princess A’s…

  2. Well I have to say that I agree with her, all four words describe you perfectly. Lovely necklace, lovely outfit

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