When I was staying with Ben Graupner in Scotland their washer/dryer broke. And no matter what everyone says it was not because a certain person overstuffed the washing machine causing it to flood the whole kitchen.

Anyway, it was a travesty for me because as you all know I love clothes. You might not know this but Ben is very handy. He is good at picking locks, cooking, and fixing washing machines. This is not the best picture because he didn’t appreciate me taking a picture while he was busy working but whatever… I love taking pictures. He fixed it and we didn’t even have to call a handy man because we already had one… Ben Graupner!

Stay Glamorous,



8 responses to “BEN G THE HANDYMAN

  1. That man can do it all! go G! 😛 …HMM OH and i like the fact that he can cook.. 😛

  2. My mom and I are currently installing a washer and drier by ourselves, do you think he’d mind coming over and lending a hand? We’re pretty handy, but we can always use the extra help.

  3. Question of the day : Does he have any flaws ? 🙂

  4. Can he fix it? Yes, he can! – this is a sign I watch too many kids shows

  5. Is there anything he DOESN’T do? Oh yeah…and this is a cute picture…his face is priceless.

  6. Reblogged this on Snarky Sarcastic Bish!!! and commented:
    Thanks for letting me try to see if it works lol thanks Shannon

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