Superfan Laura sent me some pictures of her and her friend’s matching tattoos. I love them and love the story behind them! At first I tried to write a blog in my own words about these tattoos but it did not work. So in Laura’s own words her is the explanation for these 2 tattoos!

The story Behind my Tatt. Few posts ago on your blog, you were talking about old friends and new friends, I wrote you back summing a bit story related to it. In your post bout the Glam Tattoo made me share with you my tatt and the story. I visited for the 1st time The States in Oct last year to attend Spencer Bell Legacy Project, there I finally hanged out, person to person, with my new friends and you can imagine all the excitement and joy of these 7 girls, including me, that were talking by Facebook about a year. One of them, Heather, loves 100 monkeys BUT she’s in love with Mechanical People, so in Honor of the band, she made a Tatt with the twitter name MKNKLPPL. She was so excited to show the what she had gotten that when she finally approached to the boys, all of them, Ben J, Ben G and Jake, and showed them the tatt, they were thrill about the love. I got so thrill too and of course I was so, so, so excited as well and I have such a GREAT time with them ( at least the little I could talk and share with them) that I told Heather: ” you know what, as soon as I get back home, I’ll look up a tattoo shop and I’ll ask to make the robot from the CD cover but i’d like to make some changes instead the square in the left i’ll put a heart so it’ll match with the song , and so that we can have a match, you the name and I the robot. 2 days later on Tuesday almost 24 hrs before leave and back home, Heather took me to a tattoo shop and tata, I got my 1st tatt, it was her so long gift.

 So, finishing the story, the 1st image is my inside wrist with my beautiful tatt, which I called B2J1, and the 2nd image is the match, Heather’s and my tatt together!!!
I love pretty tattoos but I love them even more when there is a meaningful story behind them!
Stay Glamorous,
images via Superfan Laura

4 responses to “2 FAB TATS

  1. Thank you so much Shannon for posting my story, I really really enjoyed the ride, I miss them all as hell.. and what can I say, I’m in love with my tatt!!!

    Tons of love to you and Princess A..

  2. Alyson Vrontisis

    https://www.facebook.com/ajax/sharer/?s=18&appid=2530096808&p%5B%5D=148511661910092 This is the girl who did Lau’s tattoo back in October!

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