Everyday I envy the determination of a baby. Babies are constantly learning new things and trying to improve on themselves. Once they learn to crawl they start trying to walk. Once they learn to eat solids they want to feed themselves. Some days I feel defeated but I try to think about how no matter how many times my daughter falls on her face or butt while trying to walk she keeps trying to walk. Sometimes she gets upset and cries but she always pulls herself back up and gives it another go.

Above is her trying to feed herself yogurt. I was putting food on the spoon and handing it to her which worked for a while. Then she wanted to put the food on the spoon herself so I let her. After a couple of tries the spoon and yogurt cup landed on the floor. Princess A still had fight left in her so instead of giving up she juts put her hand into the spilled yogurt and licked it off. Some of the yogurt got on her nose but whatever she fed herself. And tomorrow she will try to feed herself again… so spoon and yogurt cup watch out… eventually Princess A will win the war…. until tomorrow.

Stay Glamorous,



4 responses to “GIVE ME A D

  1. Learning to use fork/knife/spoon is hard for little hands! I remember when my niece started eating yogurt on her own with a spoon, she would hold the spoon the wrong way (like she tried to eat with the part that goes usually in your hand) and get frustrated because she couldn’t get to eat it…. Princess A have a more direct approach than my little dancer A!

  2. Eventually they do, always remember lol, they will never starve themselves by not being able to use a utensil. Yea my youngest is 9 and we very rarely have leftovers left for me to eat the next day. I mean we have them, but when he gets hungry, he eats them and then wonders why I am like “Where did my chicken and noodles go?” And he’s always like I dunno. Yea sure ok darlin.

  3. LOVE IT! We should all have the determination of little ones. We seem to lose some of it as we grow older.

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