As I have said in previous posts I feel like I am a panther mom which explains my panther obsession. The panther is not the biggest cat out there but it is the smartest. Today I went to mommy and me class and when it ended all the other moms had drivers waiting for them to escort them to their destinations. I just had myself and my trusty stroller. I felt insecure for a second and then I thought… I am a panther mom… I may not me the richest mom out there but I am the smartest and even if I can’t afford a driver or other luxuries I will raise Princess A to the best of my abilities with my glam wit!!!

Earrings- Marc Jacobs (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,



7 responses to “PANTHER MOM EARRINGS

  1. Who needs a driver when the weather is lovely and i’m positive that Princess A just loves the walk with her mommy.

  2. There will be always someone richer, prettier, slimmer, fuller, taller, shorter…you name it. Just being yourself and doing what you love is the best thing that you can do for yourself and the Princess. In this world, where materialism is the word of the day, it is very rare to raise children with real values. Stick to your guns and push that stroller! I can bet my last penny that in 20 years time the Princess will know more about compassion, honesty and other values that can’t be bought with all riches of the world. As I would like to say: ‘Keeping it real in a world of fakes’.

  3. Stroller = Staying fit… 🙂

  4. Panther moms unite! I often feel insecure when I compare myself or my kids to others. (yesterday I saw a video of a 21 month old super kid and it made me feel like the worst parent in the world that my 22 month couldn’t count to 100 like this kid) It’s important to remember that we are our own people and we can only strive to be the best us we can be.

  5. Not only with all that walking will it help you stay fit, Princess A will also get to know those parts of the city you walk thru all the time! That’s how my gram taught me my neighborhood and parts of downtown Philly – we walked or if it was really far, took the bus. So when I had to start taking public transit to school in 8th grade, I was nervous at first but that didn’t last very long because I was so familiar with what I needed to do and where I needed to go!

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