Princess A thinks she is too cool for gloves and refuses to wear them. She doesn’t care how cold and red her hands get she just won’t wear them. I had been using a foot muff by Uppababy because my stroller is Uppababy so I thought I should stick to the same brand.

The problem with the Uppababy is that it only goes to the waist and therefore it doesn’t keep your child’s head or hands warm. last week I saw a mom with this amazing foot muff by 7am Enfant.

It’s like a warm cocoon that envelops your child. It is waterproof and very durable. It also comes in a ton of colors and is for children newborn to 3 years old so it is worth the money. Here is Princess A showing me that even with this contraption she can stick her hands out. This was the first time we used it. Now I am much better at strapping her in and happy to say her hands stay warm.

This costs $189 which is expensive for a foot muff but if you live in a cold city and a stroller is the main way you transport your child I would say this is worth the expense. Especially because it works with all strollers and can be used by preschool aged children.

I hope this helps city moms who are trying to keep their kids warm this winter!

Stay Glamorous,



5 responses to “NO GLOVES NO PROBLEM

  1. Just remember that I love your blog, I was so concerned when I first read the title. I feel so much better now, but yea kids and gloves yea that never worked for me. Mine use to always lose theirs so I would end up adding a long string to them to keep them inside their coats and that worked for a while. Now they always are looking and i’m like dudes, i give em to ya, what u do with em when ya take em off is not my problem. LOL

  2. It almost looks like she’s going a little gangsta on you and flipping you the bird. “Ha! You can’t keep these hands down!”

    With her face framed like that you can see just how adorable she is. Love it!

  3. I love the words “foot muff”… it’s nicer than the german word “Fußsack”. 😀 I love those, but we live in a small town. That means we only go on rather short walks with the stroller and for the towns nearby we use my car. Lilli gets wrapped up in Scarf, Cap, tights, trousers, quilted pants, socks, warm shoes and a really warm jacket when we go on a stroller trip. She likes to wear her silver gloves with a ribbon and glitter all over them, because they are glam!

    Princess A, you’re a lucky girl to have a foot muff, so listen to your mom and keep your arms where it’s warm. 🙂

  4. She looks snug as a bug!

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