Princess A, The Husband Aaron, Freckles and I have ben enjoying getting birthday cards for Princess A from all around the world! It is so much fun and brightens our day! Here is a collage I created of our favorites so far. Don’t worry there is still time to send a postcard… Princess A’s birthday isn’t till March!

Thank You…

Tina- Germany

Dijana- Malta

Grandma L- Kansas USA

Cecile- France

Ann and Lillian- Germany

Jamie-Washington USA

Felicia, Conner, Aislinn, and Ewan- Australia

Amanda- South Korea

And if you have sent Princess A a gift and are not on this list do not worry I probably got it but am working to get the perfect picture of Princess A with the item. More pictures to come!

Stay Glamorous,




  1. I would loooove to send a card to Princess A… But I’m not really good at collage or anything…. Okay…..the whole truth is I can create pretty stuff but i’m really clumsy (I always stumble over my on feet) and I probably would ending up having to go to the hospital for some sutures… 😦 And seeing those pretty cards make me feel even more clumsy….. *cries*

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW i will so be getting on it, I promise. I do have so many things in mind, i’m a project hound who never gets things done….. hangs head in shame, but i have everything out for it to get started lol

  3. Glad our dress made it from Korea! Happy early birthday, Princess A! 1 month to go!

  4. I’m glad it arrived on time! I was very busy, so I couldn’t do the project I had in mind, but hopefully, for the next birthday of the Princess 🙂

  5. Ah I see, our card has arrived. 😉 There are so many pretty cards on the collage and Princess A has something to remember when she’s older. I really like the idea.

    Lillian says “Da, Karte. Burstag. Lilli auch bald.” means “There’s our birthday card. It’s Lillian’s birthday soon, too.”

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