I love my fun outfit today. Princess A is giving me the camera the side eye because she thinks she is the only one who deserves to be photographed but when I wear fab outfits like this it needs to be documented!I wore an elephant bracelet.And elephant earrings. I love elephants because they remind me of when I first started dating The Husband Aaron. We used to watch the elephant parade together and because of this our apartment is covered in elephants!Here’s a cool view of my bowling shoes. I love bowling shoes because they are retro and so comfortable.

Sunglasses- Screaming Mimi’s (Gift)

Hoodie- American Apparel (Gift)

Earrings- Netsey Johnson (Gift from The Husband Aaron)

Bracelet- Gift from my Mother-in-Law Marcy

Socks- Betsey Johnson (Gift)

Skirt- ON SALE NOW for $19.99 at Gap.com

Shoes- A Nearby Bowling Alley (Gift… kind of)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. You look fab, work it girl!

  2. Abosolutely fab! You go girl.

  3. You look so fab!! I love your elephant bracelet.

  4. Wow! I love your skirt!!!

  5. Work it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the shirt and elephant things, I would not have the cajones to walk out in that shirt or those shoes lol but thats cause i’m too shy, but u rock it hard. Looking glam darlin

  6. I have a thing for elephants, so I love these accessories. The shoes are a nice touch, but not nearly colorful enough for the shoes I remember wearing when bowling.

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