Here is a glam tattoo that I am jealous of. I wish I had the guts and pain threshold to get something like this. I love the red flowers!!! This tattoo belongs to Ann-Kathrin Glania and applaud her on her tattoo glamour!!!

Stay Glamorous,


image via Ann-Kathrin Glania


6 responses to “GLAM TATTOO

  1. If I ever get to leave the world of working a public job, I have one designed for my upper arm that uses the lyrics to my favorite song wrapped around my arm like a vine with belladonna lilies and leaves.

  2. This is beautiful, but makes me cringe in pain when I think of getting tattooed over the ribs.

  3. looks painful but its worth it in the end I think

  4. That is truly a work of art! I’m currently trying to figure out my next 2 tats, and am having an issue with what to get. I love that it is socially acceptable for women to sport ink but I still want class as well as artistic expression.

  5. I love it, in Fact I have in mind to get 4 more tatts, I just have 1, it’s not as gorgeous as this one but it has a great story behind.. I’ll mail it to you, so you can see it!!! back to the others tatts I want. Something written in Latin for my right inside wrist ( still looking what message to write on), a dragon in my low right leg which will represent me, a lotto flower with some cherry blossoms in my low left leg which will represent my mom, and a Samurai sword in the middle of my back with something written in kanji, still looking what to put on it… so pretty much I think I’m covered… I love this kind of art, some people don’t like it. But I can say that a person with a tatt looks really sexy!!!

  6. Beautiful work. I’m lucky as here I design my own and friends tattoos and even supply some images to a friends tattoo parlor, and then I get my good friend Paul to ink me up so to speak hehe. I have 4 and counting. My favorite is the huge lilly i have on my left lower arm.

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