This is Lily. Her mom sent me these cute pictures to cheer me up and it worked!!!

These pictures made me smile so i wanted to share them!!! Oh and Lily, I am jealous of your fab sunglasses.

To check out Lily’s Mom’s blog click here.

Stay Glamorous,


images via Lily’s Mom Mandy


5 responses to “BABY FAN

  1. All these super cute baby pictures you post are making me so broody that my ovaries actually hurt. Think I’m starting to scare the boyfriend!

  2. Looks like we have another #mybabyisgangsta in the works. Thanks for sharing the photos that others send in. It makes me more determined to have a lil girl granbaby.

  3. Lily is a super big Shannon and princess A fan. She LOVES Shannon’s video. Glad to hear they made you smile! Thanks for posting them.

  4. The shirt is just freaking adorbs. Anything with monkeys make me smile hardcore.

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