Here’s Princess A in class being very serious about bubbles. She was so entranced by them she didn’t even realize all the bubbles on her head.Here’s a close-up… I can’t handle the cuteness!!!She always makes this face when the bubbles start. I wish I knew what she was thinking. Maybe she is really excited about the bubbles or maybe she is afraid the bubbles won’t come near her… who knows?Here’s a closeup of her cute onesie! Princess A is kind of my personal shopper. Sometimes she grabs things and puts them in her stroller and bites them. She usually breaks the items so then I am forced to buy them. So I guess you could call that personal shopping!

Socks- Popatau (Gift from Grandma and Aunt Stacey)

Onesie- $3.48 Carter’s via Target

Pants- 77 Kids (Gift)

Stay Glamorous,




  1. This is soo cute!!! My little one still loves the bubbles (but can do em all alone now… they grow so fast).
    I love her socks.. damn how cute! *gg* Guess I need some like that for myself!!

    Lots of Love

  2. I love her outfit… the pants are my fave but I also like the onesie, although I’m not a fan of pastel pink – maybe because Lilli doesn’t look good in it. 😀

    Princess A’s so cute. I’d love to know what she’s thinking…

  3. I love her sweet little ruffled socks! 🙂 Princess A, you look very pretty today! Enjoy your bubbles!

  4. Look at all those bubbles! Gymboree bubbles? Those are our favorite for long lasting. Love the shiny pants and socks with the ruffles!

  5. Look at those cheeks! 🙂

  6. Totally diggin the pants! My kids love bubbles but I think our dog loves them more. He will eat them till he gets so excited he pukes.

  7. I love the bubbles!! 🙂 This outfit is sweet and her socks are so cute.

  8. The pants are the best! I love them! I really look forward to this segment everyday. Thank you very much for doing it.

  9. Thanks Shannon for this pics. Princess A is so cute with bubbles

  10. Adorable outfit!!! I will tell you what bubbles were a lifesaver when I worked as a lead teacher in a preschool….nothing quieted down 22 two year olds quicker and made them smile than a bunch of bubbles 🙂

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