This picture of a baby badger has nothing to do with this post except that it is so cute I can’t handle it. Husband Aaron… can we have a pet badger?

Anyway, today I will be posting previous blogs because I have worn myself out. I have been barely sleeping, drink loads of coffee, not doing yoga, oh yeah and not sleeping, and now I am sick. So I am forcing myself to not blog. Post my new ebay items on Friday and get some sleep.

Before I force myself of the computer I just want to share something I was thinking today.

I am very protective of Princess A’s naps and bedtimes. If she does not get enough sleep she is a cranky monster. I don’t care if the President came to my house I would still make her go to bed at her normal bedtime. I also feed her only the healthiest of foods and would never give her coffee to keep her energized.

Because of the way I take care of Princess A I know I am capable of taking care of myself but why don’t I? I can’t answer this question yet but I have decided from now on to treat myself as I would treat Princess A. Starting off with a strict bedtime.

Do you fellow moms feel like you take better care of your kids? Any advice on how to still take great care of the family but also have time to pamper yourself?

Stay Glamorous,


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17 responses to “BABY YOURSELF

  1. Think about it this way, you are Princess A’s care taker so you must take care of yourself too. Put yourself on a similar schedule with the Princess…You don’t have to be doing and/or eating the same things. You could substitute yoga for her nap or you could eat an apple when she’s eating breakfast. I agree completely that she comes first, but you cannot come last or it won’t work.

  2. Shannon..your kids always come first…..Amelia is still young and needs your undivided attention at the mo… ARE doing a fantastic job from what i can see…..we mums have to take a bit of a back seat at first but…….when she is napping that is your time……have a good long soak ..maybe a glass of wine ( if you are not breast feeding ) and chill out even for half an hour…and may i say that i love your blogs, your page etc…so vibrant exciting looking and entertaining to read…following you cos i want to now …..much love xx

  3. I may not be a mom, but my profession is to take care of others and I know exactly what you mean. I make sure the person I take care of gets the amount of sleep and food, medications and things that they need. But when it comes to myself, I barely put any energy into making myself the food, amount of sleep or exercise that I know I need more than on an occasion.

  4. you take care of princess A and not of you cause you’re a mom! an amazing mom! and you for your baby can do everything! she’ll be always the first thing for you and you’ll come after her! you’re a lovely mother! really!

  5. I have 2 boys ages 3 & 9.. These kids do not go without.. period.. But I for some reason in the middle of the day realize that I have not showered yet.. Both boys get showered before bed because I am certain it helps them sleep better but in all actuality I am the I’ve with insomnia and could use that shower for myself… So anywho, I splurge on a good perfume or nice make up and a new pair of jeans or boots every month or so. That way it is my way of pampering myself.. I also suffer from Crohns disease so needing to take more time for myself is needed but I am too exhausted after a full day of play and some sort of ball practice and or school function.. It shouldn’t be as hard for us mommys to upkeep ourselves but it is much easier said than done.. Live your blogs btw!

  6. Oh, yes… I know that. I always make sure that Jaden eats healthy food, gets enough sleep, don´t hurt hisself on something etc. If it´s about me, that all isn´t important. I´m often short of sleep, drink to much coffee, eat too much fast food and I don´t really take care of my health.
    I know that I should change it… but I don´t know how. 😦

  7. When we become mothers our number one priority is the child. This in turn makes our needs take a back seat and we usually end up wearing ourselves down. The best advice I was given is that your schedule will be determined by your child. Nap when they nap, eat when they eat (even if it’s just a snack) and so on. Good news is that it only lasts for the first 18 to 24 months. Your still glamorous now get to feeling better! ❤

  8. Its true, as a parent you do find that you take better care of your kids than yourself.
    Every development stage brings its own challenges and takes more and more of your own time. Its really hard sometimes to find your own space and time but my advice would be when your child is asleep then that is your time to relax. Don’t rush around trying to do endless chores before they awake. When the house is quiet, make a coffee, sit down with a book or watch an episode of your favourite TV show. Make your childs rest time a Mom’s rest time too.
    When they are newborns, they sleep a lot, so its not so bad, as they get older they cut out the little naps and things get a bit more tricky. Don’t wait until she goes to bed in the evening before tidying and cleaning, get her to help. For instance, if you find there are toys all over the floor before she goes to bed,turn tidying up into a game. Put the toybox into the middle of the room and play ‘Who can throw the toys into the box with the loudest bang the fastest.’ Instant results! One fun game = the tidying is done, she goes to bed and the chore is done so you can relax and have a little more ‘you’ time.
    Its just a matter of adapting to all their different stages and not forgetting yourself. I know its not always easy, but once you find your routine you’ll feel much happier.

  9. When my daughter Josie was born she became my world, I would actually hold her while she napped – which was only 20 minutes a day.She woke up during the night for feedings til lshe was 1. When I took her to the pediatrician , he said she was healthy and just didn’t require a lot of sleep. I knew he was correct because she started talking at 6 months and was walking at 10months – I however was totattly exhausted when Josie was 4 months Ifinally went to my own doctor and he actually made me understand that it was okay to take1 hour a day and do something I really enjoyed doing and to allow my husband to help me.See I was raised that mom did everything when it came to the babies/children house ec…My husband was amazing.He got up during the night to do feedings and took care of her while I took time for myself.For me this was reading while taking a long hot bath with a relaxing beverage.It worked miracles! I am solucky to have such an amazing husband! My advice to you is ask your husband to takeover for awhile while you relax. Not only will it be good for you it will be wonderful for Princess A and your husband.My husband and daughter have the best father and daughter nrelationship ever.

  10. I’m not a mom, but I think it’s normal to want the better for her and this is why I think you are a great mom!! 🙂
    It’s always harder to apply the same things for oneself but it’s needed and you have taken a good resolution!!

    Take care of yourself. Hope you fell better soon. 🙂

  11. Dear Shannon, you will not regain it until the Princess “A” go to kindergarten and can take time for yourself, but enjoy it now that she is small and depends on you, babies grow very fast, faster what moms would like to allow …

  12. That’s a great question.. one I’m still trying to find the answer too. If you find the answer to that let us know.

    I agree with you on the bedtimes and naps. My in-laws think I’m crazy, but my son needs a steady sleep schedule. Please woman, sometimes I go to bed at 8:30, we NEED our sleep when we can get it.

  13. The advice I was given when I got pregnant, well the advice that i actually listened to was this, when the baby sleeps, YOU must sleep. Keeping yourself looking glam makes you feel better. But if you are not sleeping, eating properly and dealing with too many “haters” then you will get very down, depressed and just overwhelmed. Take a hot bubble bath, i’m sure that daddy would not mind, cause trust me if mommy isn’t happy and feeling good, daddy knows it because unfortunately that’s who we take things out on the most. Sorry daddy, that’s just how it goes sometimes. Remember, keep your friends as well. Talk, rant, rave to anyone who will let ya. It does get easier, trust me, 3 kids, i’m just NOW beginning to take care of myself and I can tell I have waited too long.

    So now, i’m seeing a doctor, getting meds to fix what can be fixed, taking relaxation tips and actually that’s why I started blogging. It’s not the best or funniest one out there, but its kinda therapeutic to me. Don’t listen to the haters, we will all get them. Don’t let stress get ya down, its the biggest downer of them all. Take care of yourself, rest, sleep, drink coffee if you enjoy it. But most of all, take time for ya to be you.

  14. Hey Pooppeepukers,

    If anyone see Shannon lurking on twitter late night, tweet her to go to sleep!

    Shannon is the hardest working woman in blogbusiness and needs her sleep (I’m not going to call it beauty sleep because she’s beautiful no matter what).

    No more late night lattes, more sleepy time tea!

    The Husband

  15. If you figure out the secret let me know. I admit I thought it would get easier as the kids got older, instead I find myself running around on their schedule (my daughter will be 10 next month, and my son is 8.5 yrs and both do competitive dance). I figure one day they will be grown up and I will miss the evenings of sitting in a dance studio and doing homework with them. The past 10 yrs have gone by in a flash, so I can only imagine how fast the next 10 will go.
    Here it is 12 am and I am still up. I think I need to discipline myself more, and force myself to bed, and to eat better. I find it easier if I make lists, but then I am also famous for losing these lists as fast as I make them.
    I do take the time when I have it to take a bubble bath, and when I take the bath the kids have learned Daddy is in charge and you don’t want to bother Mommy unless it is a true emergency. (As long as they are breathing and not bleeding then it is not an emergency LOL!)
    I find I eat better if the food is handy. Fruit and veggies already washed and cut up (if need be) in the fridge.
    BTW you have one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen. She looks so happy so you must be doing something right!

  16. As a new mom myself, 22 month old and 3 month old, I can totally relate. With my first I kept putting her first… it’s like a switch flipped as soon as she was born… you run yourself ragged to make sure they have the best of everything: food, time, sleep. I got luckily that she was an easy going kid, but it almost through me into a depression even at 10 months old… when I found out there was going to be another and I wouldn’t be able to do it all. We set rules- no caffeine after a certain time, babies have strict bedtimes so this mommy is in bed for at least 7 hours of sleep (I cannot nap), some sort of relaxation time for mommy (mani/pedi, girls night, movie by myself, etc.) at least once a month, 1 day a weekend daddy gets up early with the girls and I sleep in. Hire a babysitter just to do something fun or to take a nap, or have someone come clean your house for you. We make 1 dinner a day- we all eat it… so if I wouldn’t feed it to the princess we don’t eat it either. Phone a friend! (or email or skype or whatever. find someone in a similar situation and talk it out)

    I keep a list of things I’d like to get down or fun conversations I’ve had to blog about later… when I get to them I’ll get to them. Don’t worry about not getting all your thoughts in to well composed blogs. Your adoring public will wait. You can take a day off! (even the business world takes weekends).

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