Superfan Laura sent me this picture of her niece Addison when she was 6 months old. Doesn’t she have the most beautiful eyes? I also love that she is under a blanket. Is she playing peekaboo… I hope so because that is Princess A’s favorite game!

Stay Glamorous,


image via SuperFan Laura


11 responses to “CUTE BABY ALERT

  1. OMG those eyes look almost purple, I love it. Adorable!!!

  2. OMGosh…I love babies and their portraits. Must be why I’m considered the Awesomesauce of Nana’s. (I was a nana shortly after my 30 birthday)

  3. OMG!! She’s so cute. Her eyes are so beautiful!!
    And the pic is awesome. 🙂

  4. Awesome pic of a beautiful baby! So cute!

  5. You actually have to be some one important to have fans.. Didn’t you get the memo? Your not important..

    • Apparently she’s important enough for you to read her blog and comment, Sunshine. The “memo” slam was used up years ago but since your spelling is atrocious I’ll assume you’re trolling and let it go. Next time put a little more thought into your insults. Just don’t try using they’re, their or there in a sentence. It’ll only end badly for you.

      • What are you talking about Laura? This is now my second time on here, found this blog through google and read it and disliked it. Yes I left a negative comment.So what! My spelling is just fine, I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Never used those words in my comment so before you go spewing off nonsense THINK. This is a blog that is not private so she has to expect criticism. Me troll? I don’t think so. What about all you so called Jackson fans who are only on this blog to troll for Jackson pictures. That’s SICK! GET A LIFE PEOPLE. This will be the last time I visit.

      • Oh and Ps. I do know what the mistake was but couldn’t go back and change it. I knew I spelt YOUR wrong. I should have put you’re. I knew it was wrong once I pushed post. It’s ok to make mistakes, I was not ashamed of it, and who are you, the grammar police? At least I knew about it. Don’t tell me you’re perfect and never make a mistake. I may not be perfect and check my spelling but at least I am not a fat old lady stalking some 20 year old boy.

  6. This is an adorable picture 🙂

  7. Thanks for all the good comments about baby Addi. She is adorable and the photographer knows how to take the most amazing pictures and get her in the cutest poses.

    Thanks Shannon! Love you’re blog. Yes, I’m a big fan! And now that I’ve been called a SuperFan I think I’m going to get a cape… a glam one, of course. 😉

  8. You should get a cape!!!! And I have some pics of Princess A in some Cardinals outfit her aunt and uncle got her! I haven;t been to a game in a while but my family has season tickets and I hope to go to some more games maybe this season!

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