I am feeling a little under the weather and it is hard to blog or take pictures but luckily I have awesome readers who email me pictures that I can use on my blog. These was taken by Monkey fan Mindy in Birmingham and Amsterdam. She even got to meet the band and it was her birthday!!! I love the sash.This is my favorite picture though because it is with her adorable son Liam. He is very handsome and he can ask Princess A out on a date anytime!

Stay Gkamorous,


images via Superfan Mindy



  1. Awww…. Cute!

  2. I love Mindy she even has an amazing story if she hasnt shared it then I suggested that Mindy You should 😀 She is an amazing lady. I love her son also. He is soo photogenic, like a beautiful little girl I am use to seeing pics of.

  3. They would make a cute couple… in a few years. 😉

  4. Liam is so sweet! Mindy your photo with your boy is so beautiful ! You are both so cute.
    Judi thou hast said too much lol ! now I want to known the story of Mindy … rhooo, I’m frustrated !
    They are cute … Princess would she have found a future Prince?

  5. Mindy is awesome. “Langen Ladies” ftw (she lived in the same town I’m living in right now)

  6. Mindy is one of my best twitter/fb friends. Thank god for 100 Monkeys. She makes me smile all the dang time. Her son would be perfect for Princess A. I say oh yea, let it happen.

  7. Kimberley Von V

    Oh hey I know her from somewhere hihi. Belle and Ariel, my beautiful ladies ❤ And Liam and your Daughter would make a great couple…in a few years yup hihi ❤

  8. Actually I’m the one that took the top picture (even has my little mark on it) and I didn’t know that my face was gonna be posted on here (the red head in the meet and greet picture) but I’m glad you liked the pictures. Mindy is a sweetheart, what all the others are saying is so true ❤

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